Hospital Price Transparency Rule

Are hospitals required to publicly post standard charges?

Search for yourself… but from what I can find this seems to be true.

AHA Letter to E&C Leaders on Efforts to Comply with Hospital Price Transparency Rule | AHA

Trump releases rule requiring hospitals and insurers to disclose rates (

Price Transparency Remains Elusive Despite Hospitals Starting To Post Fees : Shots – Health News : NPR

Hospital Prices Just Got a Lot More Transparent. What Does This Mean for You? – KFF Health News

But the BILLION-dollar question is: Are the hospitals doing such?

Wasn’t there a recent credit reporting rule that had something to do with medical debt not being counted as negativity against your credit report? If that is the case, then wouldn’t that make it so some people can ignore medical debt since they won’t or don’t fear collections and those that are paying for their medical debt will have to pay extra to cover those that are not paying and hoping the credit reporting agencies don’t bother with medical debt since it’s not as critical as other types of debt.

Medical debt | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (

CFPB Kicks Off Rulemaking to Remove Medical Bills from Credit Reports | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (

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