Healthcare Diagnosis = DEBT

“Diagnosis: Debt” is a reporting partnership between KHN and NPR exploring the scale, impact, and causes of medical debt in America.

Medical debt is big business. Hospitals and clinics are partnering with lenders to get you loans (sometimes at high interest) and/or they are selling your unpaid medical bills to collection agencies… which also could also result in high interest and possible additional fees.

Bill of the Month: Critically ill woman skips ER after spouse’s costly stitches : Shots – Health News : NPR

Do you have a medical bill that is exorbitant, baffling, infuriating or all of the above?

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Watch: Patient Sent to Collections for Surgery She Never Had

Grace Elizabeth Elliott got a mysterious hospital bill for medical care she had never received. Even after the hospital acknowledged its error, a collection agency pursued Elliott for the debt.

KHN Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Rosenthal joins “CBS This Morning” to talk about how difficult a clerical error can be to fix and how patients can respond if it happens to them.

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Decode your hospital bills:

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